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Here at Al-Furqaan Foundation we know that volunteers are the key to any non-profit organization. It is because of our volunteers that we are able
to accomplish so much. Our Volunteers’ main tasks at Al-Furqaan Foundation are performing primary administrative duties, offer expertise for special projects, and provide us help at fundraising dinners. In some cases, volunteers are also trained to do a specific duty.

Why Volunteer at Al-Furqaan Foundation?

* Endless Opportunities

By volunteering at Al-Furqaan Foundation you have so many opportunities to meet people, build networks, establish a “track record”, and gain tremendous experience to assist you in your future career goals.

* Earn Good Deeds

Being a Volunteer is a big part of our dean. The Prophet (SAW) said: “The dearest to Allah is one who is most beneficial to people. “So just by being a productive Muslim and taking time out of your schedule to volunteer you are fullfilling your duties as a Muslim and earning good deeds at the same time.

* You Can Make a Difference

By just putting a few hours of your time in volunteering at Al-Furqaan Foundation you can make a big difference and inspire others as well.
Al-Furqaan Foundation appreciates and recognizes their Volunteers by awarding them with Honors and Certificates.

Get Started! Apply at Al-Furqaan Foundation and become a part of
our mission.


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